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    Chaca Chaca Catfish


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    Chaca Chaca Catfish

    Post  Hoyo12 on Fri May 08, 2009 11:21 pm

    Common Name: Chaca Chaca Catfish, Squarehead, Angler catfish
    Scientific Name: Chaca chaca
    Family: Chacidae
    Size: 7+ inches
    Diet: Pellet food, and supplied live fish on a regular basis.
    Life Span: 10+ years
    Note: Be careful with choosing tank mates. This fish has a large mouth and will swallow anything it can fit into its mouth for food.Also, Chaca Chaca catfish come in different colors from a light Orange to Brown a purplish color.

    Please ask anymore questions that you may have. Very Happy

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